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THE BULLETIN: Editorial: Ban on food tax is good for all Oregonians

Oregonians will be asked to vote this fall on a constitutional amendment that would prevent the Legislature from taxing the sale or distribution of food. It’s a no-nonsense approach to help hold food costs down in this state. You’re likely to hear it is far more nefarious than that in the months ahead. Opponents of […]

DAILY ASTORIAN: Our view: Grocers right to be concerned about tax

Grocers are going on the offensive long before a predicted tax battle begins, and it’s probably a good thing. Last week the The Northwest Grocery Association filed the paperwork to petition for a ballot measure in 2018 to constitutionally bar taxes on food. The initiative would prohibit taxes at every point of food sales, from […]


Food sold at the grocery store is not taxed in Oregon. And grocers have done Oregonians a favor by taking the first step to put an initiative on the ballot to keep it that way. The proposal aimed for the November 2018 ballot would keep groceries tax-free. It would include raw food and prepared food. […]