Co-Chief Petitioner

Syd Hannigan has had a highly recognized career in the grocery industry for over 40 years. She began her career with an 8 year position as Director of Marketing and Merchandising at the Berkley Coop in California where her marketing and merchandising innovation came with national recognition from FMI. She attended the Food Marketing program sponsored thru University of Southern California.

She followed with a long and rewarding career with Safeway . She was selected as one of the first national marketing persons at the initiation of Safeway’s national marketing efforts and worked out of the Safeway Corporate office for several years traveling frequently to nine divisions throughout the country.

She also was invited by the government of China to spend several months working with manufacturers on ways to increase their visibility in the US market.

Syd retired from Safeway in 2011 as the Director of Grocery, GM and Liquor in Portland. She is co- founder of Pivotal Tools that has a mission to help grocers by providing analytics, and leveraging technology, data, and creative insights, to deliver better performance to merchants. She is a long-time advocate for a hunger-free Oregon.